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Happy Holidays

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

From Under the Oak

Under the Oak at the Ardmore Music Hall. Image credit: Ellen Miller

Happy Holidays, Folk Family.

We wish you all a most beautiful holiday season and New Year filled with much love, fulfillment, purpose, and goodness. Thank you for being a part of our lives and our music. 

As our very humble holiday gift to you, we wanted to share a short little tune and accompanying story. For the Philadelphia locals... remember that storm that hit a few weeks back... the one that practically stranded everyone on the road for 5 hours as they tried to get home from work or school?

Well, we were supposed to have rehearsal that day. Living only a few blocks from each other, Adam and Peter were able to get together, but Maggie and Chris were stuck out in that mess on the roads. As Maggie drove, picking her kids up from their various schools, she asked her oldest son to take a video of a bit of the drive. Even in all that snow madness and stress, there was still room to recognize the beauty in the day. And it was beautiful. 

It also turns out that Adam and Peter ended up writing a song! At least the beginnings of a song - just the instrumental part. They recorded it and sent it to Maggie to hear, who promptly decided it would be amazing to add that audio to the video of her drive... because the song was being written possibly at that exact moment of her video. Right? It's amazing. At least to us it is. We hope you think it's amazing too. 

So enjoy the beginnings of a new song... Here’s to making lemonade out of lemons and music videos out of region-crippling snowstorms. 

We hope it provides a peaceful start to your New Year... and a reminder to always look for the beauty!


Adam, Maggie, Chris, and Peter

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